Friday, 4 April 2008

Proposed New Rotary District 3220 Website

With the current communication technology our requirement of having a presentable and professional web solution is a must. Therefore, with reference to our presentation, which we had at the PETS & SETS in Habarana, it may be best to work with a New Zealand based e-solution company. This website is a user-friendly content management system which allows you to present different content to different visitors, depending on which segment of the database the visitor belongs to. You don’t need to be a Web programmer, this means you will be able to edit the website and upload images whenever needed by yourself.

Some basic features of the WEB:
1. Unlimited server space.
2. Initial site designing, setting up and training.
3. Publishing and running newsletters automatically. Ex: Monthly news letter, Birthdays etc.
4. Subscribing and un-subscribing people to your newsletters.
5. User friendly content management – You will be able to change the content and images
6. Data center/ Site Center/ Delivery Center/ Message Center/ Statistic Center/ Image Center/ Dialog Center.

· Clubs that confirm their web space on or before 4th May 2008 (Rotary District Assembly) - SLR9,600.00
· After 4th May, 2008 web space cost per club - SLR12,000.00
· Clubs who have web sites and require a link only - SLR2,000.00

Rtn. Bandara: Phone 011-2578096 or Email:
or Rtn. Ashad: Phone 071-4810085 or Email:

1 comment:

donald gaminitillake said...

For the clubs who has own sites free links should be provided by the district 3220.

There should be a page in district web site giving the names of all clubs location meeting times and web site address (if any)

This is the duty of the 3220.

If some club need a prominent place (bold, large format or banner) yes charge them.