Tuesday, 3 November 2009

US$ 2 Mil & 1,000th Paul Harris Fellow Achieved

RI District 3220, Sri Lanka, has surpassed the US$ 2 Million mark in contributions to TRF - APF during 2008-09. This was possible thanks to the magnanimous/ generous contributions large and small made by the Rotary Clubs/ Rotarians and Friends of TRF. The US$114,039.14 contribution made during Rotary 2008-09 has taken the grand total of RI D-3220 TRF-APF giving to US$ 2,046,920/- as of 30th June, 2009.
Generous contributions to TRF during Rotary 2008-09 produced a total of 153 PHF's & 305 Paul Harris Sustaining Members (PHSM's), which is a record number of PHF's & PHSM's for our RI D-3220 during a single Rotary year. Having started with 863 PHF's the total number of PHF's in RI D-3220 is 1,016 as of 30th June, 2009.

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