Tuesday, 8 July 2008

RI Presidential Citation & District Citation

The RI Presidential citation brochure can be viewed by clicking on http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/900a_en08.pdf

The RI Presidential citation certification Form 2008-9: (click on) http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/900b_en08.pdf

District Citation Goals for individual Clubs:
1. Achieve the RI Presidential citation
2. Representation of the Club Officers (President, Vice President, Pres. Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.) and the Club Chairman (Club Administration, Membership, Service Projects, The Rotary Foundation & Public Relations) at the District Assembly. If at least 10 members could not attend the Dist. Assembly then the shortfall could be made-up by your members attending the various District Seminars (Membership, TRF, Service Projects, District Leadership seminar, etc.)
3. Achieve the net Membership growth target given by the Club
4. Achieve TRF - Annual Program Fund Goal given by the Club
5. At least 30% of the Club Members to be recipients of the "Special Citation for Individual Rotarians"
6. Minimum 40% of Club members to register for the Dist. Conference
7. Complete at least 5 activity citations from the menu of Service activities listed on http://www.rid3220y2008-9.blogspot.com/ (Please scroll down to the list of District Officers/ Chairman & see the many Service projects/activities)

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