Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Governor's Official Visit - Check List

Given below is the check-list/list of documents that need to be kept ready by Clubs at the time of the Governor's Official Visit (GOV) to your Rotary Club. The below mentioned documents will be reviewed and discussed at the time of the GOV to your Rotary Club:

For the Meeting with Club President, Secretary & Pres. Elect:
- Club Charter
- Club Constitution & By-Laws
- Updated Classification Roster
- Roster of Members & Contact details
- Club Committee Structure
- Board Meeting Minutes Book
- What are the Continuing Projects from 2007-8
- Club Plans & Objectives/ Projects planned for 2008-9
- Club budget for 2008-9
- Manual of Procedure (MOP)
- President's & Secretary's Work Book
- List of PHF's/ PHSM's/ Benefactor's
- List of Potential new PHF's/ PHSM's/ Benefactor's
- Copies of Previous Semi-Annual Reports & Dues Payments
- Club Attendance Register
- Club Publications / Newsletters
- Matching Grant Files
- Club Accounts for the Previous Rotary Year

For the Meeting with the Club Board Members & Chairman:
- List of Club Officers, Directors & Committee Chairman
- Planed Projects/ Activities of the various Committees
- Budget Allocations for Each Committee/ Sources of Funding
- Club Achievements

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