Saturday, 14 June 2008

Special Rotary Designated Months

Clubs should periodically hold regular meetings exclusively to convey Rotary information, Rotary education & leadership training to their members. Below are the RI designated months to emphasize the involvement of every Rotarian, not just Clubs, in Rotary activities:

July - Not Designated/ New Rotary Year Commences
August - Membership & Extension Month
September - New Generations Month
October - Vocational Service Month
November - The Rotary Foundation Month
December - Family Month
January - Rotary Awareness Month
February - World Understanding Month
March - Literacy Month
April - Magazine Month
May - Not Designated
June - Rotary Fellowships Month

Whilst at least one meeting programme should be dedicated to each of the above, Clubs are encouraged to present at least two meeting programmes during each Rotary year on the purpose, programmes & fund development activities of The Rotary Foundation (TRF). One of these programmes should occur during TRF Month in November.

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