Thursday, 30 July 2009

Achievement of TRF-APF & Membership Goals

During Rotary 2008-9 TOGETHER we sure did "Make Dreams Real".

RI has collated/ updated the information and I am very happy to inform you that our RI District 3220 has surpassed both the TRF - Annual Program Fund contribution Target of US$104,000 & Membership Growth target of 200 in Net Gain of Members (including the reinstated RC of Jaffna & the 5 New Clubs Chartered in 2008-09).

TRF-APF Goal we had set ourselves was US$103,755 (the 1st time ever a Six figure goal had been given by our RI D-3220, Sri Lanka) and we achieved US$113,588 (+9.9%).

In the history of our District we have surpassed the US$100,000 mark in contributions to TRF - APF only 3 times before. It was for the 1st time in the history of RI D-3220 that an official Six figure District target/ goal was set as the previous highest ever goal was US$43,000 in contributions to TRF - APF.

Membership Goal was 200 & we achieved a Net Growth of 208 (+4%) Having started with 1,643 Members the RI Presidential Goal was that we achieve a minimum 10% Net Growth in Membership, but we set a goal of 200 (+12%) and ended with 1,851 Members, achieving a Net Gain of 208 Members.

See below for more TRF - APF & Membership achievement details.

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